“I love your chocolate treats and started sharing your products with friends & family. Now they’ve come to expect that I have your chocolate treats in tow whenever there is a holiday.”   

                                                                Natalie N., Macungie, PA
“I loved these chocolates. They were just so rich and delicious. They’re perfect to share with friends and family too just because of the assortment of flavors, someone will definitely find a flavor they will enjoy. Not only because it’s chocolate and chocolate makes the perfect gift, but because they’re happy chocolates and really brighten your day.
I definitely recommend them, especially if you still need to get that gift for someone special for that big holiday coming up.”
Kelly M., Bronx, NY
“My bridal shower was a fabulous event because of the treats I ordered from you. The chocolates were wonderful and customer service was excellent! I am so impressed with your company and if I ever need chocolate treats for any other event, I will call you. I just love your company!” 

                                                               -Phyllis T., New York, NY 
“These days it is rare to find a company that uses fresh, pure ingredients in their products. You can taste the difference. No other chocolate company on the planet can duplicate your technique. Everything you sell is first rate.”

                                                           Adrianna L., Brooklyn, NY
“I have just had the pleasure of enjoying my first taste of your Pecan Cream cognac in dark chocolate. It was by far one of the best experiences that my taste buds have had in recent history! Please continue producing your wonderful chocolate treats”

                                           -Leslie C., New York,NY

“I am just speechless! You have the best customer service because you go the extra mile. I appreciate all you do. I love your chocolate treats and I will keep coming back. Thank you so much!”

-Doro Morgan, New York, NY


I order your treats for my wife birthday gift and she LOVED it!! She’s really not a fan of chocolate but she ate the entire box herself! 🙂 Best wishes and much success!

-Louie G., Harlem, NY