What ignited the spark in me to start my business NikkiLukes Treats, LLC is the conversations with an old friend. I use to describe it to him because I use to have images of it in my head but one day he asked to see pictures of the treats. I lied to him about making it before but actually I never did. I valued his opinion about me, so for me not to be a lair it inspired me to bring my images to reality. I was in the kitchen 8-10 hours every day trying to make it happen. After 3 months I finally perfected the image but the taste wasn’t there. I spent another 5 months in the kitchen getting it to taste how I wanted it to taste and another 2 months creating different flavors.

My family and friends thought I was crazy and wasting my time but the more treats I made, my passion became deeper. I was sure it was my goal to make my creation apart of mainstream. That was 6 years ago and I still have the same passion as day one!

Pursuing my dream, I had a lot of failures but it only made me want it more! What I learned is “to fail is to retain knowledge” and the more knowledgeable you are, the closer you are to success! As long as you continue to want to learn, the sky is the limit. There were times I doubted myself and I allowed people limitation for themselves to reflect on me. It made me go into a depression for a while but at the same time I’m creating elegant displays in my head. Even when I was at my worst, all I thought about was how beautiful my treats would look.

What keeps me motivated is my daughter “quality” of life. I started my business when she was months old so all she knows is Mommy treats. She’s now 7 years old and still watching her mother go hard for her business is something that I want her to witness. I want her to know she can achieve anything if she really wants it. She witness my hard work, my failures and my wins. She sees the drive, sweat, tears and the consistency! She knows mommy never gave it up despite past circumstances.